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Our Elite Selection of The Best Grills and Smokers

We Offer You the Best Grills and Smokers on the Market for the Ultimate BBQ Experience.

The Greatest Grills

Choose a high-end grill or smoker that will last a lifetime and offer the best BBQ results for your friends and family. 

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Top Brands

Elite Patio Direct offers you the top-of-the-line brands of grills and smokers on the market. Choose from:

Resources To Help You Find The Right Grill

How to Order A Grill 

Step 1: Choose a Grill

Select a grill from our website or give us a call.

Step 2: Payment and Delivery Details

Order online or over the phone and enjoy free shipping to your home.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Grill

Assemble your grill with optional support from our team to help you find a local professional and enjoy grilling with loved ones. 

Grill and Smoker Prices

We offer the best prices on our grills and smokers. Enjoy free continental USA shipping and no sales tax.

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Purchase the best grills and smokers at Elite Patio Direct.

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