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    Lynx Asado 30-Inch Built-In Professional Flat Top Gas Grill (L30AG-LP/NG)

    Original price $5,939.00
    Original price $5,939.00 - Original price $5,939.00
    Original price $5,939.00
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    Current price $5,449.00

    Lynx Asado 30-Inch Professional Built-In Flat Top Gas Grill (L30AG-LP/NG) Lynx forms every sheet of metal into a solitary, seamless body of shimmer...

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    Original price $5,939.00
    Original price $5,939.00 - Original price $5,939.00
    Original price $5,939.00
    Current price $5,449.00
    $5,449.00 - $5,449.00
    Current price $5,449.00
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Shop Lynx Grills

It's hard to have a conversation about luxury outdoor kitchen without quickly mentioning Lynx.  They have become the flagship name in the high end outdoor culinary market due to their excellence in product design and craftsmanship.

Lynx has a mail in cash back rebate program for purchases made between 3/1/2023 and 9/30/2023 where you receive 10% cash back when you spend $5,000 or more.  Learn more here.

Why We Love Lynx

Lynx is constantly pushing the cutting edge in terms of craftsmanship and design.  Their grills are outfitted with a multitude of luxury features and are created to perform at a culinary level while blending in beautifully to any outdoor kitchen setup.

Not to mention, Lynx has one of the most complete offerings of outdoor kitchen products to complete the look of your outdoor BBQ.  To name a few, you can compliment your kitchen with Lynx products of various configurations:

  • Access doors
  • Storage drawers
  • Trash centers/chutes
  • Outdoor refrigeration (including wine storage & freezers)
  • Side burners
  • High-end gas pizza oven (built-in or countertop)
  • Bar centers
  • Much more

Choose Your Burners

Perhaps the most distinct feature of a Lynx grill is its burners, which come in two different options.

First is the Lynx ceramic burner, which is made from cordierite ceramic material that is designed to withstand unbelievably high heats.  These burners are superior to the burners of most other grill brands in both durability and performance.  The cordierite ceramic doesn't corrode, and provides an incredibly even and consistent heat across the surface of your grill.

Second is the Lynx Trident™ Infrared burner, which utilizes infrared grilling technology for ultimate precision during your cook. Unlike traditional burners, infrared burners heat your food directly with heat waves - so they're unaffected by wind and perform in all sorts of conditions.  You can set Lynx Trident™ Infrared burners anywhere from 300ºF to a scorching 1,000ºF.

The best part?  You don't have to choose one or the other.  You can choose to configure your Lynx grill with all ceramic burners, one infrared burner and the rest ceramic, or with all infrared burners.

Most of our customers tend to choose one infrared burner and the rest ceramic in their Lynx to get the best of both worlds - but it's a personal preference at the end of the day.  Folks who place their grill in windy or high exposure areas tend to find a lot of benefit from the all Trident Infrared burner configuration.

We've created a resource comparing and contrasting the Lynx burner types here if you want more information on this topic.

Lynx Warranty Information

As you'd expect from a luxury outdoor kitchen brand, Lynx products are backed by best in industry warranties.  Below is a high level overview of the warranty coverage on Lynx grills.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: stainless steel grill body, ceramic grill burners, cooking grates, TridentTM burner and rotisserie infrared burner.

Limited 5 Year Warranty: warming racks, spit rods, briquette trays, manifolds and gas valves

Limited 2 Year Warranty: all other grill components

Labor associated with replacement parts is covered for 1 year from the date of original purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened To Lynx Sedona?

Lynx Sedona is a sister brand of Lynx.  As of mid-2022, Lynx halted production of the Sedona line of products.  It is unclear at this time whether Sedona products have been permanently discontinued or if the brand will make a return when supply chain constraints ease in the future.

Where Are Lynx Grills Made?

Lynx grills are manufactured in the USA in Greenwood, Mississippi.  Prior to 2019, Lynx grills & outdoor kitchen products were manufactured in California.  Since inception, Lynx has always had their manufacturing operation in the United States.

Is Lynx Made By Viking?

No, the two brands are distinct with differing features and aesthetics. However, both Lynx and Viking are owned by the same parent company, The Middleby Corporation.

What's The Difference Between Lynx Professional and Ventana?

Lynx has two distinct lines of outdoor kitchen doors, drawers, and pantries - Professional and Ventana.

The main difference is that the Professional series products have a sleek, protruding handle for a classic look.  The Ventana series on the other hand has flush mounted, reversible handles for a more modern and subtle look.

See Lynx Grills & Outdoor Kitchen In Action: