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Insulated Grill Jacket (What Are They And Do You Need One)

Insulated Grill Jacket: What Are They? Do You Need One?

Insulated Grill Jacket (What Are They And Do You Need One)

When it comes to cooking outdoors, there are three things we need to try and protect before we even fire up the grill: ourselves, our property, and our grill.

There are always precautionary steps you can take to make sure that your attempt to cook outdoors does not end in disaster, and one of them is installing your grill with an insulated jacket.

You may have heard about them but because your grill did not come with one, you can assume that they are not necessary or important when it comes to cooking safely outdoors, right?

Well, it turns out that that is not the case at all.

In this guide, we are going to be looking at insulated grill jackets, what they are, and if you need one when cooking outdoors (the answer is likely yes but we will get onto the reasons why later).

This way you can fully understand their purpose and how they can be used to protect you, your property, and your own precious grill.

What Is An Insulated Grill Jacket?

An insulating grill jacket is an accessory for built-in outdoor BBQ grills.

They are usually made from stainless steel and allows your grill to be safely installed onto a grill island that is made from combustible materials such as wood, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Stainless steel insulated grill jackets are designed to stop heat and flame from transferring onto these materials.

They may not look like much - basically a stainless steel shell that fits underneath your grill to act as a barrier between the island’s surface and your grill.

The cost of an insulated grill jacket varies depending on the supplier, but they on average cost anywhere from a couple hundred to over a thousand dollars each.

Do You Need An Insulated Grill Jacket?

They may not look like much but insulated grill jackets are incredibly important to have when you install your outdoor grill.

Insulated grill jackets are important to have because they shield and protect things around the grill from the excessive heat the grill produces while cooking. It keeps your outdoor area cool to prevent fires or warping of your furniture or structures.

They also protect your grill’s undercarriage from rust and corrosion so your grill is more protected from damage and is less likely to need replacement or repairing often.

For these reasons, it is vital that you have an insulated jacket installed onto your grill’s island.

They reduce the risk of fire on your property, reduce the risk of burning or warping your property, and they keep you and your family safe while enjoying some outdoor cooking.

Even if you have a grill island that is made from non combustible materials like brick, granite, or stone, you should still get an insulated grill jacket as it can protect your grill’s undercarriage from damages that will cause it to deteriorate over time.

So for added protection for you and your grill, it is always best to get an insulation jacket for your outdoor grill.

It's worth pointing out that some brands design their grills such that there is effectively an insulated jacket built-in to the grill.  In other words, with these grills you can install the grill as is into whichever surface you choose.

TEC Grills and Mont Alpi come to mind for this.

Where Do I Get An Insulated Grill Jacket?

So you have worked out that you need an insulated grill jacket - but where do you find one?

Insulated grill jackets are available for purchase online with most retailers that deal with products for outdoor cooking and barbeques - including us!

If you can buy a built-in grill from a certain brand, odds are they also sell a matching insulated jacket.

They may be found under ‘grill liners’ instead of jackets but they serve the same purpose.

Some barbecues and grills already come with an insulated grill jacket built in or have the option to buy a jacket from purchase.

If you are not sure if your outdoor grill has an insulated jacket, you can visually check by seeing if there is a straight metal border that runs underneath your grill.

It should appear like a metal edging that sits between the combustible materials of your island and have your grill sat neatly inside.

If your grill is sat directly on top of the island and is in contact with its surface, then you will need to purchase an insulation jacket to fit in between them. Installing an insulated jacket into your island is a very easy process. You will have to measure the size of your space first before you buy the jacket for a perfect fit.

Once you have your insulated jacket for your grill, you will need to start by attaching each sheet to its required place.

Your insulated jacket should come with enough fasteners so they are securely attached to the BBQ island. Once all the panels are fastened and assembled, your insulation jacket is ready to have your grill mounted on top of it.

Once this is all done, you are ready to fire up the grill and start serving some excellent outdoor cooking.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to think that because grills do not include built-in insulated jackets that they must not be necessary or important to the experience of cooking outdoors. However, this is certainly not the case. Insulated grill jackets are a vital part of cooking safely outdoors.

Although they may not look like much, they are great at stopping fire from your grill from transferring onto the combustible materials of your island.

This could save you thousands of dollars and perhaps even your life. They also protect your island from warping, melting and other heat related damage caused by being in such close contact with your grill.

Plus, it keeps your grill’s undercarriage from rusting and corroding so it will last a lot longer than you expect. Because of all these reasons and the fact that they are easy to get your hands on and install yourself, you should definitely consider getting yourself an insulated grill jacket so you can cook outdoors with the confidence of knowing that your grill is protected.

Even if your grill’s island is made from stone or brick, it is still worth picking up and installing an insulated grill jacket.

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