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Mont Alpi Natural Gas Conversion Steps

With the Mont Alpi Natural Gas Conversion Kit, grill owners can easily transition their propane-fueled grills to natural gas, taking advantage of the plentiful and cost-effective fuel choice.

It is strongly advised that the conversion be performed by a licensed professional.

This conversion kit contains all the necessary components to make the process as smooth as possible. It includes a 10-foot natural gas hose, a natural gas regulator, and a conversion tool.

Mont Alpi Natural Gas Conversion

The steps for converting a Mont Alpi grill to natural gas can be found in the user manual. Below are steps from a recent version of Mont Alpi's manual. DO NOT rely on these steps to perform a conversion. You should consult the manual that comes with your grill in case these steps have changed.

  1. Conversions are to be done by and authorized person ONLY
  2. Make sure all control knob and cylinder valves are in the OFF position
  3. The appliance must be isolated from the gas supply piping system by closing its individual manualshut-off valve during any pressure testing of the gas supply piping system at test pressures equal toor less than ½ psi (3.4kPa).
  4. Unscrew and remove the rear panel
  5. Unscrew the main burner securing screws and remove the burner sitting alongside it
  6. With the burner removed, you will see the brass gas jet (LPG) which is screwed into the end of the valve. Using the 6mm but driver supplied, unscrew the end of the LPG jet while retaining the inner (NG) jet
  7. Reassemble the burner
  8. Please make sure you locate the burner properly with respect to the orifice as photo shows, otherwise it may result in gas leakage and fire accident.
  9. Remove the back burner cover
  10. Remove the LPG jet from the elbow shaped brass injector assembly
  11. Reassemble the rear burner
  12. Unscrew the side burner valve
  13. Using the 6mm nut driver supplied, unscrew the end LPG jet while retaining the inner (NG) jet, then reassemble the burner.
  14. Connect the QDD to the Natural Gas Supply, then connect the grey hose to the QDD
  15. Unscrew the bracket fixing the gas supply piping
  16. Unscrew the LPG gas hose and regulator
  17. Connect the NG hose

Below is a video overview of the Mont Alpi Natural Gas coversion process:


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