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Are Lynx Grills Worth The Money?

Are Lynx Grills Worth The Money?

When cooking outdoors, you want a set up that not only produces excellent food but acts as something of a centerpiece. Lynx Grills are designed to do just that - but if you've spent time researching the brand you have likely noticed that they come with a hefty price tag.

It's a fair question to ask - are Lynx Grills really worth the money?  In this guide, we will go over the Lynx brand as a whole as well as to take a close look at some of their popular products to help you decide.

At the end of the day, what's "worth it" or not largely comes down to personal preferences and how much value you'll get out of the things you're purchasing.

Our goal with this guide is to help you decide whether or not Lynx grills and outdoor kitchen products are worth it to you.  With that being said, let's get into it!

Are Lynx Grills Worth The Price Tag?

A couple of things to note off the bat about Lynx grills - a driver of value is that they're manufactured in the USA and all backed by a lifetime warranty, no matter which model you go with.

Lynx grills are manufactured under two different series of products - Lynx Professional and Lynx Sedona.

The Professional series is Lynx's flagship line of grills that provide truly luxury outdoor kitchen products.  The Sedona series are priced more affordably, but still provide high end outdoor cooking appliances.

*Important Note* As of Summer 2022, Lynx temporarily discontinued production of the Sedona line of grills to help meet demand of their Professional grills.  At the time of this writing, it's unclear when Sedona grills will be made available again.

A Closer Look At Lynx Professional Grills


Lynx Professional Grills are designed to be on the cutting edge of outdoor cooking. There is a high level of craftsmanship and design that goes into this line of grills - which is why they are both aesthetically pleasing and high performing.

The Professional models start at a two burner 27" size, and go all the way up to 54" four burner designs.  Each size is available as a drop in grill head or on a freestanding cart.

Burner Design

A key feature of any Lynx Pro grill is it's burners.  There are two different types of burners available - ceramic and Lynx Trident™ Infrared.

The standard burners are made of cordierite ceramic that can perform consistently with incredibly high heat.  They also don't corrode and are built to last for decades (the burners are covered under Lynx's lifetime warranty).

The infrared burners are some of the best of it's kind in the industry and can precisely hold a temperature between 300-1,000ºF.  Infrared burners are unaffected by wind so they're ideal for high exposure placements.

Many other grill brands charge extra for ceramic and infrared burners, but they come standard on a Lynx.  You can customize your burner configuration as well - you can opt for all infrared burners, all ceramic burners, or one infrared burner and the rest ceramic on most of their grills.

What Sets Lynx Professional Grills Apart?

We've already mentioned the made in USA, warranty, and burner design benefits, but what else justifies the price tag of a Lynx?

Specifically talking about the grills, here are some of the key highlights:

  • Every sheet of meal is welded (no mechanical fasteners used) into a solitary, seamless body of steel.  This ensures a bespoke design that does not have gaps where moisture could penetrate and collect.
  • Main grill grate depth of over 20" on most grill models (including smaller ones) means more cooking surface area compared to comparably sized competitors.
  •  Rotisserie system included standard on every grill.  This includes a dedicated rear infrared burner, a selectable position and selectable speed motor and spit.
  • Integrated lighting system includes blue lit burner knobs and interior halogen lights to illuminate your grill as you check on your food or fire up the BBQ at night.
  • Lynx grills are quite heavy, but you wouldn't know it when you're cooking thanks to the Lynx hood assist, which is a system that allows you to safely lift the grill lid with a single finger.
  • Lynx freestanding grills arrive fully assembled, so you can get to grilling right away!

Aside from the grills, there are a few more things that set the Lynx brand apart.  Namely, they offer one of the widest selections of complimentary and sophisticated outdoor kitchen products to help you truly customize your outdoor kitchen.

Whether it's a simple access door or a trash chute set up, you can design a Lynx outdoor kitchen to an extent that most other brands just can't match.

Here are some examples of integrated outdoor kitchen products available to compliment your grill:

  • Access doors
  • Storage drawers
  • Trash centers/chutes
  • Outdoor refrigeration (including wine storage & freezers)
  • Side burners
  • High-end gas pizza oven (built-in or countertop)
  • Bar centers
  • Outdoor griddle
  • Much more

-----> Shop Lynx Professional Grills & Outdoor Kitchen

Lynx Sedona Series Grills

Lynx introduced the Sedona series of grills to provide a lower price point than the pro series while still maintaining a better look and functionality than many other outdoor kitchen brands.

Its main draw is powerful stainless steel burners and a generous amount of cooking surface on each sized grill in the line. Their grills also feature a spark ignition system with battery backup and hood assist for easy lift with a fluid rotation handle.

The only downsides are the omission of a complimentary rotisserie add-on or a side burner, so you may want to consider whether these features are something that you'll need with your setup or not. 

Also, the stainless steel used in Sedona grills is 201 grade stainless steel whereas Lynx Professional features 304 grade heavy-duty stainless steel.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, a Lynx outdoor kitchen is a significant investment.  Whether or not they are worth it to you depends on a few different factors.

Do you value functionality and aesthetics and think luxury outdoor grills are for you?  Are you looking for an outdoor kitchen to add value to your home and hold that value over time?

Or do the extra bells and whistles not mean much to you, and you'd prefer to utilize your resources elsewhere?

Either way, we're happy to help you decide if Lynx is the right brand for you.  Our team is here to help answer any questions you have!

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