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Are Mont Alpi Grills Good?

Are Mont Alpi Grills Good?

Choosing to purchase a new grill is a big investment, after all, they can cost a significant amount of money.

You want to make sure that the product that you’re buying is worth it, and will last you a long time.

If you’ve been doing some research into some popular varieties of grills and BBQ islands, chances are you’ve come across Mont Alpi.

We've created this resource to help you understand whether or not a Mont Alpi grill is right for you!  So keep reading below, as we take a closer look.

Overview Of The Brand

Mont Alpi is a family owned and operated business, and have been producing grills for over 30 years.

Their bread and butter is the modular BBQ island - they have created modern, sleek looking outdoor kitchen ranges that are pretty much ready to go right out of the box.

Designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, their grills are truly pleasing to the eye while providing plenty of capability.

Their product line is fairly limited.  While there are enough modular options to customize your BBQ island to a certain extent, you won't find the same level of customization ability compared to a built-in outdoor kitchen.

With that said, Mont Alpi is able to provide highly functional outdoor kitchens at about a half or a third of the cost of installing a custom kitchen.

A Closer Look At Mont Alpi BBQ Grill Islands


Here is a quick look at the different options available to you if you're looking to pick up a BBQ island:


  • Mont Alpi 805 (with a 6 burner gas grill)
  • Mont Alpi 400 (with a 4 burner gas grill)


  • Stainless steel finish
  • Black stainless steel finish (an option on 805 sized islands only)

Fuel Type

  • Propane
  • Natural Gas (each grill ships propane ready with an NG conversion kit)

Module Options

  • Grill module with grill head and storage drawers
  • Left end piece with side burner & slide out tray
  • Right end piece with storage shelves
  • Refrigerator module
  • Beverage center module (includes refrigerator and sink)
  • 90º corner piece (to make an L shaped BBQ island)
  • 45º corner piece (use 2 to make a V shaped BBQ island

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Mont Alpi Built-In Grills

Mont Alpi 805 Built-In Gas Grill

Mont Alpi offers their 4 and 6 burner grills as grill heads only, which can be used in built-in configurations.

They have a rotisserie kit included so that you can prepare your meat however you like, as well as having an infrared ceramic back burner.

If you’re planning on holding a barbeque in the evening time, and are worried about seeing the grill properly, you need not worry, because this grill comes fully equipped with halogen lights which allow you to see.

The knobs themselves also light up, as they are powered by LEDs.

So that you don’t have to bear witness to any annoying grease flare ups, this grill has double layer sear plates which prevents this from happening.

As well as this, the grill also has special technology that retains heat, and encourages a smoky smell which tastes delicious on your cooked meats.


  • 304 Stainless Steel - This makes your grill weather resistant and sure to last.
  • Ceramic Rear Burner - So that you can cook rotisserie meats to the best possible standard.
  • Fully Assembled - This product arrives already assembled, so that you don’t have to fuss yourself.
  • Temperature Gauge - So that you can easily adjust the temperature.
  • LED Knobs - So that you can see what you’re doing even when it gets dark.
  • Grease Trays - The grease trays are incredibly easy to access when you need to clean them.
  • Propane And Natural Gas Ready - It can be fueled by either propane or natural gas, so you have the option.

    Pros and Cons Of Mont Alpi Grills


    • Functional with a modern look.  Mont Alpi BBQ islands strike a really nice balance between aesthetics and functionality.  If a modern looking outdoor kitchen would look good on your patio, these are a great optioned.
    • Well designed.  These BBQ islands are well thought out and designed not only to help you cook a delicious meal, but to properly entertain all on one range.
    • Quality materials used.  304 stainless steel is used for the housing sections of the grill and cabinets.  Further, the stainless steel is marine grade and designed to reasonably withstand the elements.
    • Excellent price point.  If you compare the price of a Mont Alpi BBQ island to the cost of installing a custom outdoor kitchen, it's not even close!  You can get a lot of functionality for the price with a Mont Alpi island.  It's one of the best budget built-in grills on the market, period.
    • Generous manufacturer warranty.  Most parts are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.


    • Manufactured overseas.  While the quality is there, Mont Alpi islands are manufactured in China, which is a turn off for some.
    • Limited customization options.  If you're looking for a truly customized outdoor kitchen, Mont Alpi may not be for you.  They don't have modules for things like ice makers, trash drawers, or warming drawers.
    • Limited built-in product line.  Their built-in grills are well designed, but Mont Alpi doesn't have any access doors, drawers, or other under counter items for sale.  That means you'd have to mix and match brands if you wanted these items.

    So, Are Mont Alpi Grills Good?

    We definitely recommend the Mont Alpi brand and think they are really solid products.  While they might not be the best fit for each and every project, they are a perfect choice for those who like the modular design and want great value for their dollar.

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