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Arteflame Review

Arteflame Review - The Best Fire Pit Grill?

In recent years, there's been a resurgence in the popularity of the cooking fire pit.

There's just something special about gathering around an open fire to eat great food and enjoy your time with friends and family.

And while these cookers might seem like simple designs at first glance, there's actually quite a bit of design and craftsmanship that goes in to creating the ideal cooking fire pit.

Arteflame grills do just that, as they have created a design that's highly functional and aesthetically beautiful. These grills are perfect for anyone who loves to host and sure to be the centerpiece of your outdoor gathering area.

In this article, we will take a close look at Arteflame and some of their flagship products to help you decide if they're a good fit for your outdoor kitchen.

Brand Overview - Who Are Arteflame?

Arteflame is a company founded by a husband and wife duo in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Every aspect of this company is based in the USA, and with the grills are made stateside as well.

Arteflame grills have been designed to easily prepare and serve your food in a fun, easy and unique way.

These circular shaped, wood fired grills are ideal for anyone who likes to impress their guests, as an Arteflame grill encourages folks to gather around and converse while the cooking is happening.

Yet, these grills can also be easily converted into a fire pit as well, making them quite a versatile piece to own.

Arteflame placed quite a bit of emphasis on the look of their product, which is why it's one of the sleekest, most modern looking grills we've come across.  Arteflame grills come with multiple options for base styles and colors.

How Does An Arteflame Grill Work?

Arteflame grills utilize an airflow system to produce a hot, efficient, long lasting burn in the main pit.

To get started grilling your Arteflame, all you need to do is light your coals, wood, or combination thereof in the center pit of your grill.

From there, clean air is drawn into the grill through the bottom of the grill. This air is then heated in an expansion chamber, which then injects the heated air directly into the combustion chamber.

It is this air that fuels the fire, which then produces a good burn with minimal smoke, but high temperatures.  This has resulted in customers having to use less wood and the fire produces the smallest amount of smoke.

The highest temperatures these grills can reach is around 1,000ºF at the center of the cooker.

Most of the cooking is done on the carbon steel exterior ring, which creates a flat top grilling environment. You can also cook directly over the open flame with a grill grate insert that fits perfectly over the center of the grill.

What Are Arteflame Grills Made From?

The fire bowl piece of every grill created from the company is all made using weathering steel, which is also known as corten steel.

This kind of steel is extremely water-resistant and durable, It is a type of steel that has been made to be used outside and will eventually take on a rustic look.

Then, when it comes to the Arteflame cook top, these are all made using high quality carbon steel.

Arteflame chose carbon steel as the material of choice because it doesn't crack or break like cast iron, yet it's extremely durable and provides the most consistent heat on a day to day basis.

What Fuel Does Arteflame Grills Use?

When it comes to Arteflame grills, your choice of fuel is either charcoal, lump charcoal or hardwood.  You can also mix and match these fuel sources if you'd like.

Hardwoods like oak, maple or hickory are popular choices. Also, could consider a fruity hardwood like cherry, apple or peach for lighter dishes.

These types of wood are great because they can add various flavors to your food, while also producing a pleasant aroma.

Arteflame Grill Reviews

Here we'll take a look at Arteflame's flagship cookers along with some of their most popular accessories and add ons.


Arteflame Classic 40" Grill - Tall Round Base

-----> Shop the Arteflame Clasic 40" Grill

One of the most popular Arteflame grills is their Classic 40-inch model.

With this grill, it also comes with a tall round base to help create a contemporary and sleek look on your patio.  You can also choose a base that has built-in storage for your wood or accessories.

You build your fire in the middle of the grill, which then causes the cook top to begin to heat up from the center, moving outwards.

Fire Pit/Grill Combo

Yet, when the grill isn't being used, you can easily use this product as a fire bowl that will provide your party with plenty of warmth and a great social atmosphere.

As mentioned before, the bowl of the grill is made using weathering steel and the cook top has been crafted using carbon steel.

What is interesting about the design of this grill, is that the fire bowl has been spun from a single piece of steel.

Thus, there are no gaps or seams that could let any hot air escape. Which means you are more likely to reach those higher temperatures a lot easier.

A Note On Durability

The Arteflame Classic 40 inch grill has been built to be extremely durable - it's made with the highest quality materials that are meant to last for decades.


Maintaining an Arteflame is a pretty simple and easy process, all things considered.

After you finish your cook, you can easily scrape any residue into the fire.

Once the cook top has cooled down, with a paper towel or a cloth, you can simply wipe all the grease and food that has remained on the cook top surface.

Also, you don't need to cover your Arteflame if you don't want to.  The carbon steel is extremely durable and rarely rusts (and if you do get some rust all you have to do is re-season the cooktop).

Thus, it is easy to clean and can be left outside all year long, without it getting damaged.  If you want to err on the side of caution, covers and lids are also available.

Overall, this grill is a very durable piece of equipment that is easy to maintain. So if you're in the market for a cooking fire pit, there's not much not to like about this grill.

Arteflame One Series 40” Grill

-----> Shop the Arteflame One Series

The Arteflame One Series grill is slightly different to the product we mentioned above. With this product, the fire bowl and stand are all combined.

This provides you with a much more combined and smoother look.

Appearance wise, it may look simple, yet it still has all the same benefits to any other Arteflame grill.

You can leave these grills outside all year round, and it will come to no harm. Thus, the maintenance needs of this product are non-existent.

This grill has been crafted with Corten steel and should last you a lifetime. You can use this as a normal grill, and as a fire pit once all the cooking has finished.

This grill is slightly shorter than the grill mentioned above, yet it is still really powerful.

However, there are other sizes available, so you can purchase a grill that meets your cooking needs.

Every Arteflame One 40" grill comes with an accessory ring, which you will find under the cooktop, which unlocks a lot of possibilities when it comes to accessories for your grill.


Arteflame Classic 40” - Fire Bowl With CookTop

-----> Shop The Fire Bowl Only

You can also just purchase the fire bowl and cooktop without a stand if you'd like to use the Arteflame in a custom, built-in application.

This helps you to create a more unique grill experience, as you can create your own custom finish grill and fire pit feature in your patio.

The fire bowl has been created using a single sheet of corten steel. Therefore, you won’t find any welds or seams on the fire bowl.

Making it much more durable and secure to be used and generate plenty of heat.

While the cook top is created with carbon steel, that is easy to clean and wipe down after you have finished cooking.

The fire bowl is quite heavy, therefore, the base you create will need to be up to spec to support the bowl.

A Quick Look At Arteflame Accessories

One of the coolest things about the Arteflame line is their selection of bespoke accessories that can enhance your grill set up.

The most popular accessories are the center grill grate, the food saver (which blocks food from falling into the fire) and the griddle scraper which helps you maintain your grill.

With that being said, there are plenty of other options to add on and enhance your Arteflame.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Arteflame Grills Made?

Arteflame grills are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Do You Need To Season A Arteflame Grill Cooktop?

Yes, you do need to season the cook top of your Arteflame before first use.  You may potentially need to re-season it after a few years of use.

This is because by seasoning the cook top, you are ensuring that the cooking surface is completely non-stick.

In addition to that, by seasoning your cooking surface, you are preventing the steel from rusting over time and extended use.

Every grill that you purchase from Arteflame comes with an Arteflame seasoning puck, this is the easiest way to season your grill.


Alternatively, you can use oil like grapeseed oil to season your cook top instead.

With this being said, Arteflame asks that you try to avoid cooking vinegar, wine, citrus and tomatoes on your grill.

This is because these ingredients all remove your seasoning that you have created.

They can leave the cook top looking slightly patchy with a few rusty areas.

However, just ensure that you clean away any acidic foods that you do use and apply oil to prevent anything from occurring.

Final Thoughts

Arteflame has created some of the most unique grills you will ever come across.

We think highly of Arteflame and believe they make a great addition to any outdoor kitchen.  Not only are they an aesthetic showstopper and conversation piece, they deliver on cooking performance as well.

Questions about Arteflame?  Get in touch with our experts and we will be happy to speak with you.



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