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Bromic Electric Smart Heat Review

Bromic Electric Smart-Heat Expert Review

Bromic is a well-known manufacturer of electric and gas heaters for outdoor spaces and gardens.

Established in 1978 in New South Wales, Australia, Bromic have become the industry standard for heater products worldwide due to their high quality and reliable performance.

Bromic heaters are designed to be modern and sleek, all whilst delivering unmatched performance, there are plenty of options to choose from too, which is what makes Bromic such a popular choice when people are looking to invest in an outdoor heater.

But one of their newest and most popular ranges is their Smart-Heat range, which is a range of electric heaters that will be sure to bring warmth to any garden or outdoor space.

Choosing which Smart-Heat electric heater will be best patio heater for you can be an incredibly difficult decision, and it can sometimes be daunting investing in a product of this type.

This review will hopefully help shed some light on Bromic’s Smart-Heat range and will help you decide on your new outdoor heater!

Bromic Cobalt Smart-Heat Electric Patio Heater

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The Bromic Cobalt Smart-Heat electric patio heater is one of Bromic’s entry-level outdoor heaters, stripping away some of the more premium features and instead favoring keeping it as basic as possible.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Cobalt Smart-Heat still retains Bromic’s incredible outright heating power that has ensured that Bromic are industry leaders in their field.

Available in either 4,000W or 6,000W, the Cobalt Smart-Heat utilizes an ultra-durable quartz element that houses a steel coil that creates a high-output, durable element, all whilst emitting a lovely soft red glow for the warm effect.

It also features a parabolic specular reflector (PSR), which is an anodized rear reflector, helping to redirect any lost infrared energy towards the intended target, therefore helping to maximize both the performance and the efficiency of the heater.

Another great benefit of the Cobalt Smart-Heat is the ability for it to fit into tight spaces, with a very small vertical clearance required, and multiple ways for it to be mounted, it means that the heater is incredibly versatile and suited to any sort of outdoor space.

This versatility is only furthered by its durable composition, with its corrosion-resistant SAE 304 stainless steel body meaning that your heater should be able to withstand even the harshest conditions.

What Sets The Cobalt Smart-Heat Apart?

The Cobalt Smart-Heat might be one of Bromic’s more basic products, but it still remains an excellent choice for those looking to purchase their first outdoor electric heater.

By retaining the key features of a premium Bromic heater and removing the more premium features, the Cobalt Smart-Heat lends itself as a perfect entry level option to the outdoor heating and is a great choice either for those either looking for a hassle free heater, or people just looking to purchase a solid first electric heater.

Features We Love

  • Parabolic Specular Reflector (PSR) ensures that the heater is efficient and powerful.
  • Minimal vertical clearance required means that it can fit into tight spaces.
  • Stainless steel construction helps to resist corrosion in harsh conditions.
  • 120-144 square ft heat coverage.

Areas For Improvement

As previously mentioned, the ethos of the Cobalt Smart-Heat is its lack of premium features.

This is great for those looking to purchase a Bromic heater on a budget, or who want a more simple heater, however it means that it loses some of the features that give Bromic the edge over its competitors.

For example, the Cobalt Smart-Heat loses more unique element screens found in the Platinum and Tungsten range, which help to evenly diffuse heat.

Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric Patio Heater

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The Platinum Smart-Heat is one of Bromic’s most premium offerings in electric patio heaters, combining efficiency and high performance sleek design, making it a perfect addition to high-end and luxurious settings.

The Platinum Smart-Heat was created with low-clearance and semi-enclosed places in mind, with the aim being to help be part of those aesthetically focused settings without standing out.

This is done by helping to minimize the light to help blend into the ceiling either utilizing a recess kit or using the stylish mount to attach it to a number of surfaces.

Design is a prominent feature of the Platinum Smart-Heat, utilizing a versatile and flush mounting option to help facilitate a subtle look.

This subtlety is aided by the tinted glass-ceramic screen, which not only helps to diffuse heat evenly across an area but also helps to minimize light emission and therefore blend into the background.

Ease of use is also at the forefront of the Platinum Smart-Heat’s features, with single switch activation and the possibility of smart-control compatibility, alongside the ability to alter heat coverage using a simple bracket-style adjustment, ultimately making the Platinum Smart-Heat an extremely easy heater to use and adjust to your preferences with no hassle.

What Sets The Platinum Smart-Heat Apart?

The Platinum Smart-Heat is the perfect example of everything Bromic embodies, quality heating combined with unmatched aesthetic appeal, the option between either the white and black colourway also allows the Platinum Smart-Heat to fit into most aesthetics, and its sleek design means that it doesn’t draw attention to itself in its environment.

Ultimately, the Platinum Smart-Heat sits at the top of the market of electric heaters.

Features We Love

  • White and Black colorways mean that you can choose what color is best for your aesthetic.
  • Tinted glass-ceramic screen helps to ensure even heat coverage and minimizes light emissions.
  • Single switch activation and adjustment brackets make it easy to use.
  • Stainless steel construction ensures durability

Areas For Improvement

Customers report that the Platinum Smart-Heat can sometimes take up to 20-30 minutes t0 get to full heat, which can be a little long to wait if it’s particularly cold outside.

So it’s best to keep this in mind when using your heater, and the best idea would be to turn the heater on prior to the desired time of usage.

Bromic Smart-Heat Tungsten Electric Patio Heater

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Another excellent blend of aesthetics and functionality comes in the form of Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric Patio Heater.

It's available in 2000W, 3,000W, 4,000W or 6,000W, the Tungsten Electric Heater is suitable for a range of different uses, whether you want a simple electric heater for a small space or a heater that can cover a much larger area.

The Tungsten Smart-Heat is another great example of Bromic’s winning formula of combining aesthetics and design, the heater comes in a sleek black color, as well as stylish wall and ceiling mounts, allowing you to decide where you want your heater based on preference.

These mounts also allow you to adjust the angle in which the heat is directed, making it even more versatile.

Included is also Bromic’s signature spectral reflector, ensuring optimal heat output and efficiency.

The Tungsten Smart-Heat is also constructed of rugged stainless steel material and is IPX 4 rated meaning that it can withstand splashes and light humidity, whilst resisting the corrosive effects of harsh cold weather conditions.

What Sets The Tungsten Smart-Heat Apart?

The Tungsten Smart-Heat is an excellent mid-range choice for your garden or outdoor space.

Being available in such a wide variety of heat outputs means that it is up to you as to what sort of power you desire from your electric heater.

Additionally, the ability to adjust the mounts, as well as the durability of the heater means that it will suit your needs perfectly no matter the conditions.

Features We Love

  • IPX 4 Rating means that the heater is splash proof and durable.
  • An adjustable mount allows versatility in usage.
  • Multiple options for heat output.
  • Sleek black design.

Areas For Improvement

The only two issues for the Tungsten Smart-Heat is the requirement of needing access to an electric socket, which may limit your placement in the garden or outdoor space slightly, whilst it also generates less heat than a propane heater would, which may cause people to turn away from choosing this electric heater.

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing an outdoor patio heater is not a simple task, there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding which one is best for you, and it can be hard to figure out what features you’ll need prior to purchasing.

We’ve made this handy buyer’s guide so you can understand what to look out for!

Electric vs Gas Patio Heaters

One of the most common choices that have to be made when you decide what heater to buy, is whether you purchase a gas heater or an electric patio heater.

Both of them have their benefits and their downsides, so there is a lot to consider before deciding on which one you’d prefer.

Gas heaters tend to have a higher power rating as well as a higher output in comparison to electrical heaters.

Additionally, they are also extremely reliable and do not use electricity, you don’t have to plug them to a socket, so there are no awkward cables lying around!

They do tend to be heavier though, since they have to incorporate a gas tank inside in order to provide fuel, which also means they tend to be larger too.

Electric heaters utilize infrared technology which provides a radiant heat, and are much smaller and lighter than gas heaters, meaning they’re much more suitable for someone who has less room in their garden or prefers a heater that they can move simply at their discretion.

Electric heaters do tend to be slightly less cost effective than their gas counterparts, and they do require a connection to an electrical socket in order to power them, which may limit the placement of your heater as well as cause a trip hazard due to the cable.


When buying a heater, it’s always good to check what sort of features the heater has before you buy it.

Some heaters may be more basic than others, whilst others may be packed with features!

  • Obviously, the first thing to look for is the heat output of the heater! This is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units), and is simple, the higher the BTU, the more powerful your heater will be.
  • Heat coverage is another important aspect to look into, it essentially means the area that will be heated when turned on, this may be described either in BTU or more likely, in square feet.
  • Material is the next important factor, since your heater is going to remain outside, then you need to ensure that it’s going to be able to withstand the conditions. For more humid environments, a stainless steel heater is preferable. Whereas a steel patio heater is best for dry environments.
  • Adjustability is important too, sometimes you might not require full power, so having the option to adjust the level of heat that the heater provides can be extremely useful.
  • The size and shape of the heater are also something to consider, you want to make sure that your heater is stable and not too heavy for you to move around should you need to. Furthermore, heaters in a column style may suffer from wind and therefore affect the heat distribution.

Choosing Your Heater

So when the time comes for you to choose your heater, the key things to consider are the energy source, size, material, heat output, and the heat coverage.

Hopefully, with these things in mind, you’ll be able to pick the perfect heater for you!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Bromic’s Smart-Heat range heaters are all excellent electric outdoor patio heaters, and there is something for everyone no matter what you’re looking for.

If you want a simple electric outdoor heater then the Cobalt Smart-Heat is going to be your best choice.

Whereas if you want a premium outdoor heater, then you won’t be let down by the performance of the Platinum Smart-Heat.

Ultimately if you choose a Bromic electric outdoor heater then you certainly won’t be disappointed by their quality!

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