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Le Griddle Vs Blaze Griddle

Le Griddle vs Blaze Griddle - Side By Side Comparison

If you have a wonderful outdoor space at your home, there is no better feeling than being able to entertain your friends and family in that space, especially on a hot summer day.

Barbeques are nice, but being able to cook on a versatile griddle elevates your outdoor eating to a whole new level.

There are many types of outdoor cooking griddles on the market, but some are clearly superior to others.

In this article, we will be looking at three different outdoor griddles made by two leading brands in the space - Blaze and Le Griddle.

Le Griddle vs Blaze - Quick Look

Le Griddle Gas Griddles Blaze Le Griddle Electric Griddles
Griddle Sizes 16-inch, 30-inch, 41-inch 30-inch
16-inch, 30-inch
Burner Type Stainless steel U-shape
Stainless steel U-shape
U-shape electric heating element
Cooktop Surface Stainless steel/cast iron subplate Stainless steel
Stainless steel/cast iron subplate
Cooking Surface Area 252, 465, or 650 sq. in. 495 sq. in.
252 or 465 sq. in.
Grease Tray?
Yes Yes Yes
Manufactured In? France China France
Configurations Built-in, freestanding, countertop Built-in, freestanding
Built-in, freestanding, countertop
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
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About Le Griddle

The first brand that we are looking at in this article is Le Griddle.

Le Griddle is a company that was founded by two Frenchmen who worked in aeronautics but held a passion for grilling in their spare time.

Inspired by the lack of griddles on the market that featured all of the ideal components that they were looking for, they decided the best option was to make their own and Le Griddle was born.

The main aspects they were looking for in griddles included durability, cooking performance, ease of cleaning, and lack of rust.

It was these qualities that were put at the heart of the first griddle and have remained there in all subsequent models.

Originally a product that was exclusively sold in France, Le Griddle is now available in the USA to elevate your outdoor entertaining game.

The aeronautics experience of the Frenchmen were able to design a griddle plate that was both rust-resistant, antibacterial, and dispersed heat across the entire surface to allow for maximum cooking space.

This was no mean feat, taking over two years of research before they were able to perfect their dual plate system.

Since the development of the dual plate system, there have been years of genuine use to prove that the system remains antibacterial and does not succumb to fear shocks or heat shocks through repeated use.

It is this durability that inspired Le Griddle to give all of their products a lifetime warranty that has no limitations whatsoever, making Le Griddle's products a great investment.

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About Blaze Grills

Blaze Grills is a business that centers around the joys of outdoor entertaining. Aiming to bring high-end outdoor kitchen appliances to everyone, at affordable prices.

One of the most important things at Blaze Grills is to constantly develop and fine-tune their products so that customers know that they are always getting the absolute best quality product with cutting-edge technology.

Whether you are just starting out on your grilling journey, or you are a seasoned griller who is well versed in outdoor entertainment, Blaze Grills has no doubt that they have the perfect grill for you and your space.

Blaze Grills isn’t simply about creating and selling grills, it is a business that is built on the foundations of a love for the outdoors and grilling.

It is this love and passion that has fueled the company for over 45 years, and with all those years comes plenty of wisdom.

When it comes to knowing, not just what works in a grill, but what people want in a grill, Blaze has got the formula down to a T.

Blaze believes that everyone, no matter their budget, should be able to afford an outdoor kitchen that allows them to entertain and enjoy their outdoor space to the fullest.

That is why they endeavor to create high-quality, high-tech products that have an affordable price tag.

In the 45 years that Blaze Grills have been in business, they have mastered outdoor cooking products.

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Le Griddle 2-Burner 30-Inch Gas Griddle

The Le Griddle 2-burner 30-inch gas griddle is a great option for anyone who is limited on space in their outdoor kitchen area.

Because Le Griddle products are so user-friendly, this is a great product for anyone who is at the beginning of their outdoor cooking journey.

However, because Le Griddle products are of such a high quality, more experienced outdoor cooks will feel great preparing food on this small but professional-grade griddle.

The Le Griddle 2-Burner 30-Inch gas griddle can be used as a freestanding griddle which is great if your outdoor space consists of just a patio area with an appropriate surface or countertop.

However, it can also be integrated into your outdoor kitchen which helps to give a more professional feel to your outdoor cooking.

Both the griddle plate and the grease collection tray are fully removable to make cleaning up after use a lot more convenient and easy.

Proper cleaning of the appliance will help to prolong the life and quality of the griddle.

Fuel Type

The Le Griddle 2-burner 30-inch gas griddle uses propane gas as standard to fuel the flame that provides the heat that is dispersed throughout the griddle plate.

Propane is a great gas to use for outdoor cooking as it is so clean and environmentally friendly.

Propane produces half of the carbon dioxide that gasoline produces which is a significant reduction.

It is also a much more efficient fuel for creating heat than almost any other common fuel type, able to produce more energy per cubic meter than other fuels.

Alternatively, the Le Griddle 2-burner 30-inch gas griddle can be converted to run on natural gas instead of propane.

What's more, the conversion kit required is included with the griddle when you purchase it making it even easier to switch to an even more environmentally friendly fuel.


When the griddle is purchased by itself, it weighs only 98lbs which is relatively light for such a high-quality grill.

If you purchase the griddle with the additional cart, it comes in at a total weight of 198lbs.

This is a reasonable weight for a griddle and cart combined, with the added benefit of not having to lift it thanks to the wheels on the cart.

The griddle by itself measures 30” W x 10” H x 18.75” D which is a great size to be able to cook for your family or a group of friends.

The dimensions of the griddle when it is combined with the cart are 60.75” W x 39.75” H x 18.75” D.

The overall cooking surface measures 29.5” x 15.75” and the entire hotplate surface can be cooked on thanks to the patented dual plate system design of the griddle.


There are various warranties that come as standard with the Le Griddle 2-burner 30-inch gas griddle.

All of the warranties that cover different aspects of this griddle are generous and should inspire confidence in the product that is being purchased.

There is a lifetime warranty that comes as standard with this griddle that covers the stainless steel griddle cooking surface and the cast iron subplate.

This warranty reflects the confidence that Le Griddle has in its industry-leading griddle plate.

A 5-year warranty covers the stainless steel burners that are beneath the dual plate system.

This allows you five years of free replacement or repair should either of the burners in this griddle fail or become inadequate.

Finally, a 1-year warranty covers all other parts on the griddle, from the knobs on the front to the natural gas conversion kit.

This is a reasonable warranty for more fragile parts that receive a lot of use such as the temperature dial and ignition switch.

After this warranty has expired, the parts that it covers are cheap and easy to replace if necessary.

Additional Accessories

In addition to the accessories that come as standard with this griddle, there are other accessories that you can purchase alongside your griddle.

One that has already been mentioned is the cart that you can purchase to provide a surface to hold your griddle.

However, there are other, smaller accessories that are available.

A griddle lid is available for purchase that can help protect your cooking surface from the elements during times when you are not using the griddle, either for prolonged periods of time in the colder months or simply on days when you are not cooking outside.

You can also purchase a trim kit for your griddle that allows you to create a much more sleek looking set up in your outdoor kitchen.

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Blaze Premium LTE 30-Inch Built-In Gas Griddle

The Blaze Premium LTE 30-inch built-in gas griddle is another great option for your outdoor cooking needs.

This griddle is equipped with two professional-grade U-shaped burners that provide an ample amount of power and heat to cover the entire cooking surface.

This Blaze griddle model brings a sleek and professional look to your outdoor kitchen area and is sure to be a hit among your friends and family every time you entertain.


The ignition of this griddle is one of the most interesting features that it possesses.

Rather than having a common ignition, the Blaze features a flame thrower-style ignition that provides an intense level of heat right from the moment you turn it on.

There is also a stainless steel lid included as standard with this griddle that allows you to protect your griddle when it is not in use and shelter it from the elements.

The illumination of the control knobs also provides function and aesthetics.

Being able to see the controls clearly at night is a great addition and allows you to use the griddle late into the evening without having to bring harsh lighting outside that ruins the ambiance of your outdoor seating area.

The lit knobs also create a sleek and professional look that is sure to impress your friends and family.


The Blaze Premium LTE 30-inch built-in gas griddle weighs 121 lbs which is a reasonable weight for the size of the product.

Because this griddle is designed to be built into an outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to worry about providing a cart or table that can withstand the weight.

Instead, it will be built into a brick or concrete construction that is more than capable of holding the weight of the appliance.


The warranty that comes with the Blaze griddle is impressive and one that should fill you with confidence when considering purchasing this appliance.

As standard, this griddle comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects in the main burners, griddle plate, body, and even the control valves.

Additionally, there is a one-year warranty that specifically covers the ignition system and electrics.

This warranty requires the product to be registered within 30-days of delivery to be valid.

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Le Griddle 3-Burner 41-Inch Gas Griddle

The Le Griddle 3-burner 41-inch gas griddle is the largest griddle in this article and is better suited for anyone with a larger family to feed or who regularly entertains large groups of people in their outdoor living space.

Fuel Type

As with the 2-burner griddle mentioned above, the 3-burner 41-inch gas griddle comes ready to use with propane gas.

This is a clean fossil fuel gas that is perfect for cooking on.

However, the griddle comes as standard with a conversion kit that allows you to switch to natural gas to cook with.

The conversion between gasses is simple and easy to do at home.


When the griddle is purchased by itself, it measures 41.75” W x 10” H x 18.75” D and weighs 120 lbs.

This is a very reasonable weight for the size of the griddle.

If you purchase the griddle with a cart, it weighs 234 lbs and measures 72.5” W x 39.75” H x 18.75” D.

Considering the size of the griddle, these are very reasonable dimensions.

The total cooking surface area measures 41.25” x 15.75” which is plenty of room to cook for a large group of people.


As with all Le Griddle products, this griddle comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the patented dual plate system.

Any production or workmanship defects will be covered for the entire lifespan of the product.

A 5-year warranty is also provided as a standard to cover the three stainless steel burners in the griddle.

And a 1-year warranty is provided to cover all of the other parts on the griddle.

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Final Thoughts

These are three market-leading griddles that offer style and function for your outdoor kitchen or living space.

While all of the griddles are very similar, they all bring their own unique specifications to the table.

No matter which griddle you choose, you will be in safe hands with a quality product that can help you create great memories with your loved ones.

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