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Lynx Trident Infrared Burner - Our Review

Lynx Trident Infrared Burner - Our Review

Over time, infrared cooking appliances have become more and more popular.  They provide an incredibly precise and consistent means of cooking that is a great alternative or compliment to traditional gas burners.

Lynx Grills are one of the most popular luxury grill brands on the market - and you may have noticed that for each of their grills, you may choose which types of burners go into the grill.

Lynx's infrared burner option is popularly known as their patented Trident Infrared Burner - which, as the name suggests, is a trident shaped burner which emits intense infrared heat to cook your food.

It's a high performance burner in the world of outdoor kitchen and warrants a deep dive into its specs and performance capabilities. In this article, we will review the Lynx Trident Burner and look at why it is such a great infrared cooker.

Note, the other burner type Lynx offer is ceramic.  You can read more about the differences between Lynx ceramic and infrared burners here.

How Does Lynx Infrared Work?

Infrared burners generally work by converting fuel into infrared heat waves which directly heat your food.  This is different than a traditional burner where a flame is lit, which heats the surrounding air, which in turn heats your food.

With Lynx infrared burners, the heat is created by focusing a gas-fueled flame through a ceramic element that is covered in very small holes.

It is through these small openings that the flame is focused onto the surface of the element. The result of this is a powerful and fairly unrelenting heat that registers a temperature that is much higher than that of a stainless steel or ceramic burner.

It is the ability to harness that heat that is the most important element that separates the Lynx Trident Burner from all other infrared cooking devices. With the Lynx Trident burner, fully harnessing that power and heat is exactly what they have managed to do.

Temperature Range

One of the most standout features of the Lynx Trident burner is the range of temperatures that it can achieve which is unrivaled in the current market.

Lynx infrared burners can precisely hold temperatures between 300ºF and 1,000ºF.

The vast range of temperatures that the Lynx Trident can provide combined with the infrared technology means you can cook just about anything to perfection.

Whether it's skin on chicken pieces or even lettuce (yes, people really do this), you can achieve incredibly crispy and juicy results with greatly reduced risk of overcooking or starting a grill fire.

This is less possible with other infrared devices due to a more all-or-nothing style of temperature control.

Lynx has found a way to deliver on an incredibly precise temperature control - meaning you can instantly change the temperature all the way across the temperature range spectrum.

Clean Up

One of the best things about infrared cookers, in general, is just how easy they are to clean, and the Lynx Trident burner is no different.

No matter how sticky or fatty the food that you have been cooking is, the high heat of the Lynx Trident burner manages to basically incinerate all of the residues that would be left behind during normal cooking.

This means that the burner will be clean after every use without having to scrub it no matter how much sticky marinade you used.

Because there are no holes in the Lynx Trident burner there is no need to periodically clean the appliance like there is with regular burners.

The lack of cleaning that is required with the Lynx Trident burner makes it a very appealing option.

Even if you are cooking at a lower temperature with the burner, it is possible to just turn the temperature up after you have cooked to incinerate any residue that is still on the burner.

This is also one of the most convenient ways to make the burner sterile as nothing will be able to survive at 1,000ºF.


We briefly mentioned above the versatility of the Lynx Trident burner in terms of its temperature range.

However, it is such an incredible detail when it is compared to other infrared burners on the market that it deserves its own section.

The main downside that exists with most infrared burners is that the only type of cooking that they are capable of is searing. While this is a great way to seal in juices for foods such as steak, it isn’t great for other meats such as chicken, or vegetables.

With the Lynx Trident burner, you can alter the temperature so much that you have a significant level of control over the temperature and how the food is cooked.

This is something that Lynx has been very conscious about in their design of the Trident burner and is made abundantly clear in their marketing of the product through the phrase “Feel the precision of perfect control”.

The decision to focus on control rather than just brute force with their heat has provided a unique selling point for their product that is actually really useful and provides so much value for money that you don’t get with other infrared burners.

Having a range of over 700 degrees Fahrenheit is incredibly impressive for an infrared burner and truly sets the Lynx Trident burner apart from others on the market.

Final Thoughts

The Lynx Trident burner is an incredible example of what can be achieved through a combination of passion, ingenuity, and creativity.

It is one of a kind in its field and allows users to prepare a much wider range of food than any other product that has come before it.

The Lynx Trident burner is the new standard for infrared cooking appliances that are well worth the price tag.

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