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TEC Patio vs Sterling Patio Infrared Grills - What's the Difference?

TEC Patio vs Sterling Patio Infrared Grills - What's the Difference?

When it comes to finding the perfect grill for your setup, one of the options that you might have come across is TEC Infrared Grills.

They invented the infrared grill, and have been producing some of the highest quality products on the market for decades.

TEC's flagship product comes in two different series: the TEC Patio and the Sterling Patio. Each are available in built-in or freestanding configurations, but what are the differences between these two and which one is the best for your grilling needs?

We’re going to compare these two series, looking at their features and capabilities, two see which one comes out on top. We’ll be contrasting a few of these products so you can make an informed decision about which to buy.

The Main Differences Between TEC Patio & Sterling Patio Grills

When it comes down to it, the biggest difference between TEC Patio & Sterling Patio Grills comes in the hood design.

First, Sterling Patio grills are double walled whereas the regular Patio grills are single walled.

Practically, this means the Sterling Patio series will be slightly stronger in terms of heat retention - which might make a difference if you are grilling in a very cold climate.

The second main difference is aesthetic.  Sterling Patio grills have more of a curved look on the hood whereas the Patio series have a more industrial look with sharper architectural lines.

Comparing Patio & Sterling Patio Grills

TEC Patio 1FR 26-Inch Built-In Infrared Gas Grill

Tec Patio Vs Sterling Patio

Our first grill is the Patio 1FR, a smaller 26-inch infrared grill that will help you cook a generous amount of meats and vegetables relatively quickly.

This will distribute the heat across your grill evenly, which means no hot or cold spots and will give you thorough warming all the way through your grill.

You can easily control the temperature of your grill through some adjustable temperature knobs. You can be sure you’ll have everything that you need to get that precise temperature that you need.

This will slow cook and sear any food that you require, which is great if you want that dynamic and versatile cooking experience.

Things we like:

  • Long lasting infrared burners - heat retentive and easy to clean, you find a sturdy material to make a grill from.
  • High temperature/low fuel - that’s right, you can burn this up to 900 degrees without having to burn through lots of fuel.
  • Self-cleaning - this will reduce the amount of food waste that you produce as you cook, meaning a lot less cleaning up time afterward.

    TEC Sterling Patio 2FR 44-Inch Built-In Infrared Gas Grill

    Tec Patio Vs Sterling Patio

    Next up, we have an infrared grill with a sizable cooking area that will result in a lot of your food being cooked extra quickly.

    This grill will cook very quickly while using a lot less fuel. This one can cook 32 hamburgers in one go, taking only 18 minutes to do so. Now that’s impressive!

    You can also use this cooker as a traditional stove, so if you prefer the old ways of cooking, then this is a great model for you.

    This also has a flare-resistant design that will prevent your food from charring or burning. This is very useful if you are not the most diligent or observant of chefs.

    Things we like:

    • 2 stainless steel burners - if you are looking for something that will give you a solid temperature and quick cooking, then this is an amazing unit.
    • Plenty of cooking space - with 592 square inches of cooking space, you’ll have more than enough to rustle up food for a large group of people.
    • Electric ignition - you’ll be able to get this grill fired up very easily, which is ideal if you’ve never used it before.

      TEC Patio 2FR 44-Inch Built-In Infrared Gas Grill

      Tec Patio Vs Sterling Patio

      Next up, we have another patio model, although this one is a lot larger. This comes with an infrared grilling system, which means less hazardous waste and a lot more energy efficiency.

      With 44-inches of grilling space, you’ll be able to rustle up plenty of meats for a large party of people.

      This one comes with a warming rack, which will give you that extra bit of grilling space. You can place your food on the side once you’ve grilled it so that people can collect it while it is still warm.

      Things we like:

      • Self-cleaning - you won’t have to worry about wasting any extra time cleaning up after you have used this grill.
      • 100% stainless steel - this one is extremely durable and will retain lots of heat, which will save you money on fuel.
      • Goes up to 900 degrees - if you are looking for a burner that will hit high temperatures very quickly without expending too much fuel, then this is a great model to have.

        TEC Sterling Patio 1FR 26-Inch Built-In Infrared Gas Grill

        Tec Patio Vs Sterling Patio

        Now we have a smaller version of the Sterling patio, which has a decent grilling area of 26-inches that will give you everything you need to grill up some meats and veggies for a small party.

        An infrared grill will come with some great features, including a hood and an easy-to-use temperature dial that will give you an exact temperature.

        This grill eliminates hot and cold spots, establishing a consistent temperature throughout the surface of your grill. This grill won’t leave any food lukewarm or undercooked.

        Things we like:

        • This comes with one burner, but it is extremely fuel efficient, which is great if you are concerned about wasting too much energy.
        • Additional warming rack - this will give you an extra 95 square inches of cooking space. This also makes a great serving area.
        • Stainless steel - this is very easy to clean and will retain a lot of heat so that you don’t have to worry about keeping the burner turned up constantly.

          Final Thoughts

          In summary, there is not a great deal of difference between Patio and Sterling Patio when it comes down to it.  There is a slight performance boost from the double walled hood of the Sterling Patio series, which can come in handy in colder climates.

          Otherwise, the differences are mostly aesthetic.

          Questions on TEC Grills?  Reach out to our team of experts, we would be happy to assist!

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