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Fire Magic vs AOG Grills Compared Side By Side

Fire Magic vs AOG Grills Compared Side By Side

In recent years, there has been a distinct resurgence in grills and other home amenities.

If that's you, odds are you have come across the brand names American Outdoor Grill (AOG), and Fire Magic.

You may have noticed these outdoor kitchen brands have a similar overall aesthetic - and the reason is because AOG and Fire Magic are both owned by the same parent company, R.H. Peterson.

While there are some similarities between the two lines, they are definitely distinct from one another.  We've created this resource to compare and contrast Fire Magic and AOG grills to help you determine which is the better fit for your project!

A Quick Look At Fire Magic vs AOG

Fire Magic AOG
Grill Sizes 30-inch, 36-inch, 46-inch, 48-inch 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch
Burner Type Stainless steel E-shape (30,000 BTUs)
Stainless steel U-shape (16,000 BTUs)
Infrared Burner? Included Available at extra cost
Available Upgrades
Viewing window, digital thermometer
Infrared burner & rotisserie
Rotisserie Included? Yes Yes
Diamond Sear Cooking Grids? Yes Yes
Made in USA?
Grill Lights? Lit knobs & dual interior halogen lights included Lit knobs and interior lights available at extra cost
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Shop Fire Magic Shop AOG


Fire Magic: Overview

In an industry where several big players fight for supremacy, Fire Magic continue to hold their own, letting their expert craftsmanship, and over 80 years of experience push them ahead of the pack.

The company prides themselves on offering the best product to their customers, all for a comparatively affordable price, and under one of the longest and best warranties in the industry - standing by customers with an astounding lifetime guarantee on each one of their products.

Fire Magic grills definitely qualify as a luxury outdoor kitchen brand.  They are top of the line when it comes to materials, features, and craftsmanship in each of their products.

Not to mention, Fire Magic offer an extensive line of outdoor kitchen products to help you create a truly custom, fully integrated outdoor kitchen.

AOG: Overview

AOG, or American Outdoor Grill, are a subsidiary of the RH Peterson Co. who have been producing quality gas products in the USA for almost a century.

Offering a variety of products, all of which are covered by warranty (terms vary depending on the product), AOG is an American classic that has long since offered quality merchandise at affordable prices.

AOG has a reputation of being a solid, mid level outdoor kitchen brand that is fairly priced, but also made in the USA.  You won't find many other brands at a similar price point, with similar quality, that were not manufactured overseas.

A Closer Look At Fire Magic And AOG Grills

To assist you in making the right decision, we have compiled a list of our top five grills, taken from both the Fire Magic and AOG product lines. So, without further ado, let's get started!

American Outdoor Grill T-Series Built-In Gas Grill

American Outdoor Grill T-Series, 36-Inch, Built-In Gas Grill

First on our list is the T-series by AOG.  Multiple sizes are available, but we'll be taking a look at the 36-inch model here.

What you really get with the T-Series is size and strength, with a weight of 150 pounds, and boasting 648 square inches of cooking space, 181 square inches of secondary cooking space, and a total surface area of 829 square inches - all contained in a heavy duty 300 series stainless steel construction.

Available for either propane or natural gas, the T-series features diamond sear stainless steel cooking grids, stainless steel vaporizer panels for even heat distribution, and the option for backburner and rotisserie accessories with every purchase.

Along with the finest quality materials, the T-Series boasts advanced, high quality, 300 series stainless steel burners, solid brass valves for precise temperature control and product longevity, and a specially designed analog thermometer with a polished bezel - making sure you not only get up to the temperature you need, but that you are always in control of how hot things get.

With three 16,000 BTU U-shaped burners, and an optional 12,000 BTU rear infrared burner, the T-Series has no problem getting up to temperature, distributing this heat through the vaporizer panels to create an even, well distributed heat throughout the interior.

Key Information

  • Heavy duty design. 
  • 48,000 total BTUs. 
  • Stainless steel components. 
  • 829 inch surface area. 
  • 150 lbs to ensure sturdiness against wind and weight. 
  • Choice of attachments. 
  • Available in either natural gas or propane.


  • Additional burners need to be added separately.

Fire Magic E790i Echelon Diamond 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Fire Magic E790i Echelon Diamond 36-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Weighing in at 275 pounds, the Echelon Diamond by Fire Magic offers sturdiness, strength, and durability, boasting a heavy duty stainless steel construction, diamond sear cooking grids made of heavy duty 304 stainless steel, heavy gauge stainless steel e burners, and quantum stainless steel infrared rear burners for added heat and efficiency.

And the large size of this model pays dividends when it comes to cooking, with over 1080 square inches of surface area in total, separated between 792 square inches of cooking space, and 288 square inches of secondary cooking space.

And while most larger grills can struggle to generate and maintain effective heat, the Echelon Diamond has three E burners with 30,000 BTUs each, one quantum infrared rear burner generating 13,000 BTUs, and an overall heat output of 103,000 BTUs in total - with ingenious flash tubes which direct the heat around the interior to achieve proper distribution.

Despite its monstrous size and scorching temperatures, what the Echelon Diamond really offers you is ease, efficiency, and options - with a simple electronic ignition, backlit control knobs for nocturnal grilling, and a choice of 4 lighting colors.

The Echelon Diamond also comes with a variety of accessories, including a rotisserie kit, a charcoal/smoker basket, and interior halogen lights.


  • Heavy duty design.
  • Quality stainless steel components.
  • 275 lbs for sturdiness and security.
  • 103,000 BTUs heat output.
  • 1080 square inches of interior surface area.
  • Range of accessories included.
  • Natural gas or propane.
  • Electronic ignition system.


  • Expensive price tag.
  • Large dimensions unsuitable for some.

American Outdoor Grill 24-Inch Gas Grill On Post

American Outdoor Grill 24-Inch Gas Grill On Post

At the lower end of the price range, this 24-inch gas grill on a post is a suitable choice for casual grillers, offering the choice for natural gas or propane fuel, in ground (160 lbs) or pedestal mounting (190 lbs), and small physical dimensions that make it perfect for grillers with limited yard space.

Made with heavy duty 304 series stainless steel, you are getting the same sturdiness and security that comes with larger AOG products, along with stainless steel cooking grids, a warming rack, and 548 square inches of interior surface area - separated over 432 square feet of primary cooking space, and 116 square inches of secondary cooking space.

The heat generated by this smaller grill is provided through two 16,000 BTU U-shaped burners, and an optional 10,000 BTU rear infrared burner to create a potential heat output of 42,000 BTUs in total.

When combined with the vaporizer panels made out of high quality stainless steel, you have perfect heat distribution, ensuring effective cooking and significant heat output for such a small grill.

With various accessories included, such as a specially designed analog thermometer, the optional backburner, a rotisserie kit, a 4 prong adjustable meat holder, and an easy to use drip collection system, this really is the perfect all round package for the casual griller and their guests.


  • Affordable price tag.
  • High quality materials.
  • Sturdy, secure design.
  • 42,000 BTU heat generation.
  • Range of opinions and accessories.
  • 548 square inches of surface area.


  • Smaller dimensions.

Fire Magic Choice C650i 30-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

 Fire Magic Choice C650i 30-Inch Built-In Gas Grill

Coming in at 200 lbs, the C650i boasts 936 square inches of internal surface area, all concealed within a heavy duty, stainless steel construction.

This surface area is separated into 648 square inches of primary cooking space, and 288 square inches of secondary cooking space to ensure you have everything you need to feed you and your guests.

A great mid-range product with a moderate price tag, the C650i generates 69,000 BTUs, separated over three heavy gauge cast stainless steel U burners to provide effective and evenly distributed heat, helped by the double walled 304 stainless steel reinforced surround, designed to trap in the heat.

With back-up flash tubes for added reliability, and a simple electronic ignition system to make lighting easy, this is the perfect mid-range grill for casual grillers seeking an upgrade.


  • Moderate price tag.
  • 936 square inches of internal surface area.
  • Sturdy, heavy duty design.
  • 200 lbs weight for security and safety.
  • 69,000 BTUs of heat generation.
  • 304 stainless steel surround.


  • Limited accessories.
  • Basic control capabilities.

Fire Magic A830s Aurora 46-Inch Gas & Charcoal Combo Grill On Cart

Fire Magic A830s Aurora 46-Inch Gas & Charcoal Combo Grill On Cart

Last on our list, but by no means least, the Aurora by Fire Magic might be the most expensive item, but what you get in return is nothing short of astounding.

Weighing in at a staggering 450 pounds, the cart design allows for easy transportation that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

This also makes for a handy, attractive, and useful design that gives ample lower storage, and plenty of work space.

Made from high quality, heavy gauge stainless steel, this product offers rugged design, thoughtful and ingenious functionality, and plenty of options when it comes to cooking.

In terms of cooking space, the Aurora has 828 total square feet of internal surface area, divided into 432 square inches of cooking space on the gas side, and 396 square inches of cooking space on the charcoal side.

With two e burners providing 25,000 BTUs of heat each, an optional infrared rear burner with a 13,000 BTU output, and an additional 26,000 BTU charcoal burner, this is one of the hottest grills around - with a 12 inches deep fire box to allow for convection cooking and perfect heat distribution.

Available with a series of accessories, including a free electro torch hot air fire starter, this really is the all round package for grilling veterans.


  • High heat generation.
  • Convection cooking capability.
  • Charcoal and gas sections.
  • 828 square inches of internal surface area.
  • Handy cart design.
  • Sturdy, high quality materials.


  • Very high price tag.
  • Large dimensions might not be suited for some.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does BTU Mean?

BTU is a unit for measuring the heat generated by the burners in a grill, and stands for British Thermal Unit.

Is Natural Gas Better Than Propane?

This depends on your personal circumstances.

Natural gas is more convenient, in that the gas is piped in and connected to the grill. However this is more expensive, and is only really suited to people who regularly use their grill.

Propane tanks are perfect for casual users, as they can purchase a new tank as and when they need it. These tanks are usually cheaper, and can be purchased from most hardware stores.

What Are Flash Tubes?

Flash tubes are the pipes which direct the flames around to each of the burners, and are an essential part of the whole design - at least in terms of efficiency and proper heat distribution.

Final Thoughts On Fire Magic vs AOG

And there we have it, everything you need to know about the best grills on the market - all released by Fire Magic and AOG.

Remember, the important things to consider when purchasing your own grill are: A) your personal requirements, B) how often you intend to use it, and C) how much you are willing to spend.

Once you have considered these three things, look to the reviews to help make your decision, and be sure to sensibly weigh these against your own specific needs.

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