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Le Griddle vs Blackstone Brand Comparison: Which Is Better?

Le Griddle vs Blackstone Brand Comparison: Which Is Better?

You might be on the cusp of purchasing a new outdoor flat top cooking surface to enhance your outdoor kitchen set up.

Griddles are a great choice!  They're one of the most versatile types of cookers and have risen in popularity over the past few years.

Le Griddle Vs Blackstone

There are tons of products on the market, each one advertised to be the best. If you are lucky enough to narrow down your options to the Le Griddle and Blackstone you might be wondering which one is a better fit for your needs.

Well, in this article we are going to explore both of these outdoor flat top griddles so that you can better understand which one might be the right choice for you.

But, before we start, we would like to make it clear that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to which of these brands are best. Everything we say here is based on our opinions and our findings.

So, with that in mind let us begin this Le Griddle vs Blackstone comparison!

Le Griddle vs Blackstone - High Level Overview

Each of these brands has gained a reputation for quality products that are capable of consistently cooking excellent food.  With that being said, they differ in a few key areas.

Le Griddle is known as a high end brand that's used in custom outdoor kitchen and professional set ups.  Their products deliver outstanding quality at a reasonable price - we think they outperform some of their more expensive peers.

Blackstone is one of the most popular outdoor cooking brands on the market, even compared to traditional grill brands. Their flagship products are freestanding flat top grills on wheeled portable carts - which are offered at very affordable prices.

Let’s Talk About Le Griddle

The Le Griddle brand originated in France and is one of the leading producers of high end outdoor griddles. Le Griddle products are marked by their patented Dual Plate System and Life Time Warranties.

Their patented Dual Plate system in practice is an excellent design feature that truly sets their products apart from the rest.

The system utilizes a specially designed cast iron subplate that sits between the griddle burners and the stainless steel cooking surface.

The burners heat the 1/2" thick cast iron subplate, which in turn distributes heat in a perfectly even manner to the high quality stainless steel cooktop.

Overview Of Le Griddle Products

Le Griddle, as the name suggests is famous for the griddles that they make - and they truly specialize in the outdoor griddle.

While all of their griddles are similar in spirit, they are offered in quite a few variations - so you can choose the perfect cooker for your patio set up.

Size Options

Le Griddle products are available in 3 sizes, which are a:

The above measurements pertain to the product width.  Each of Le Griddle's cookers have a 10" height and an 18.75" depth, regardless of width.

Fuel Options

There are two different burner fuel types to choose from with Le Griddle - electric or gas.

All 3 griddle sizes are available in a gas burner configuration.  Le Griddle products ship as propane fueled cookers, but they can be easily converted to cook with natural gas (a free natural gas conversion kit is included with purchase).

Currently, only the 16-inch and 30-inch griddle sizes are available in electric.  So if you are looking at getting the 3 burner griddle, gas is your only choice.

Configuration Options

Le Griddle products can be used as a tabletop, built-in, or freestanding griddle.

Out of the box, the griddle is ready to use on a countertop.  It is also ready to go as a built-in, although you'll need to have a cut out made in your cabinet to be able to drop it in and get to cooking.

If you want to turn your griddle into a stand alone cooker, Le Griddle offers custom portable carts for purchase that allow you to drop your cook top in.  From there, you can set place your flat top grill wherever you'd like.

Extra Options

In addition to the flagship flat top grills, you can add on a handful of options to enhance your Le Griddle cooker.

 The most popular add on is the matching stainless steel lid, which is a durable accessory that will keep your cooktop safe while it's not in use.

Other than that, you can get custom fitting covers, insulated jacket liners, and trim kits that will enhance the look and functionality of your griddle.

Things We Like About Le Griddle

  • Their products perform.  The dual plate system is the real deal and delivers a consistent, professional grade cooking experience every time.  You can control your temperature on both the lower and scorching hot ends of the spectrum.
  • Good warranty coverage.  The stainless steel cook top and cast iron subplate are backed by a lifetime warranty.  The burners are backed by a 5 year warranty, and all other parts are backed by a 1 year warranty.
  • Ultimate versatility.  Whether you want a built-in, tabletop, or stand alone griddle, you can make it happen with Le Griddle products.  Their griddles are even rated for indoor use.
  • Great value.  Even though we wouldn't consider Le Griddle to be a bargain bin priced brand, you get excellent value.  Especially considering they outperform some of their more expensive peers.
  • Beautiful aesthetics.  The stainless steel finishes look sleek and provide great optics in your outdoor kitchen.

Things We Don't

  • They don't offer other outdoor kitchen appliances.  It's hard to fault Le Griddle too much on this one, but it would be nice to see them come out with built-in doors, drawers, etc. for outdoor kitchens to match their cookers.  For the time being, you'd have to mix and match brands if you wanted to include Le Griddle in a complete outdoor kitchen set up.

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A Closer Look At Le Griddle Products

1. 41-Inch 3 Burner Gas Griddle

If we look at the three burner gas griddle we can immediately see that this product is well-made. Just from the seamless and clean appearance it is an impressive cooker to look at.

This griddle is made from 304 stainless steel and has a three durable and powerful U-shaped stainless steel burners. This material is designed to withstand heat, not get stained and last a long time.

So, straight out the gate we have a product that is well-designed and going to last. But, as some of you may have read elsewhere, stainless steel cooktops can be prone to uneven heat distribution - which can make cooking your food more challenging.

Well, this is where the patented Dual Plate system we discussed above comes in to play. The burners heat the cast iron subplate, which in turn heats the entire cook top evenly.

Overall, it's a 650 sq. in. cooking surface area (41.25"W X 15.75"D), which is a huge surface to whip up everything from a steak dinner to an egg and pancake breakfast for a large crowd.

Overall this product is super well-designed and certainly something you might want to consider if you are looking for a griddle for your outdoor cooking area. 

2. Two Burner Electric Griddle

This product, as the name indicates is an electric griddle, so we can see from this product juxtaposed with the first one that there are various sources of energy you can use to power these griddles.

The two burner griddle has dual heating elements, each of which can be controlled separately. This allows you greater control as to how much heat you want to use based on how much you need to cook. 

Like the first product this griddle is also made out of stainless steel and has a cast iron sub-plate which helps to evenly distribute heat.

Their 30-inch griddles have 463 sq. in. cooking surface area (29.375"W X 15.75"D).

Frequently Asked Questions - Le Griddle 

In this section we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Le Griddle and their products. So, without further ado, let us get started!

How Hot Does A Le Griddle Get?

These products can get super hot - in fact, Le Griddles can get up to scorching hot temperatures on the cooking surface.

With all of this being said, it is recommended to cook your food in a temperature range between 430 and 530ºF. Le Griddle products are perfectly capable of heating to this range!

Do You Need To Season A Le Griddle? 

If you purchase a Le Griddle you will not need to season it as it is a complete  product that is made from 304 stainless steel and will not rust even if you keep it outdoors permanently. 

Does Le Griddle Have A Warranty?

Yes, Le Griddle products always have a warranty. You will get a one-year warranty for all parts not withstanding a five-year warranty on the burners and valves and a lifetime warranty on the dual cooking plates. 

Summing It Up

Overall, Le Griddle is a reputable company which makes their outdoor cooking implements with pride. They have a good reputation and from what we have seen their products are of excellent quality.

Whether they are better or worse than any other company is purely based on personal opinion. 

Let’s Talk About Blackstone

Blackstone is a famous maker of griddles and other barbecuing accessories. They are probably more well known than any other flat top grill brand and have the sterling reputation to back that claim up.

This brand originated with the grand idea of bringing families together while barbecuing. They did not want families or friends to be divided. Some do the preparation and cooking inside and the others barbecuing the meat outdoors.

No! They dreamed bigger and created a top of the line griddle that allowed you to cook outdoors. So everyone can enjoy the experience of a barbecue together.

They make amazingly innovative griddles that use the best technology to give their consumers the very best products. But, what are their products really like? Let’s take a look at two popular griddles that they offer. 

Blackstone Products

You can tell a lot about a company and what their products look like. Which is why we have found two of the more popular griddles that Blackstone sells. So you can compare and contrast these beauties with the Le Griddle products. 

So, without further ado, let us get started!

1. Patio Series Air Fryer and Cabinets Griddle

If you are looking for a product that is versatile and would make a nice addition to your outdoor cooking experience then you simply have to take a look at Blackstone’s patio series.

This thirty-six inch griddle is designed to allow you to grill food and air fry your fries all in one product. 

It has four independently controlled cooking zones so you can control exactly how much of the griddle you would like to use at any one time. On top of having shelves, a paper towel holder, garbage bag holder and a shelf for your cutting board, this product is also electric.

So, you do not have to spend a ton of money on propane gas. Overall, this is an amazing product and certainly something that you should consider when you are looking for the best brand of griddle on the market. 

2. Twenty-Two Inch Griddle and Carry Bag

If you are worried about price, you do not have to worry, this product is a portable table top griddle offered at a low price. This griddle is mobile so you can carry it to wherever you might need it.

A warranty does not come standard - you have to pay extra. There are three tiers you can choose from, depending on how long you would like the warranty from.

The griddle itself has been designed with a rear grease management system which will help make your life easier when it comes to me to clean your griddle after using it. 

Overall with the technological innovation and excellent quality that this product offers it is easy to see why this brand is so popular. 

Things We Like About Blackstone

  • Good performance at great prices.  You don't see the luxury features that you do on Le Griddle, but the reality is that Blackstone delivers a product that performs nicely at a great price.
  • Portability.  Blackstone products for the most part are quite portable. They offer a variety of griddles that can be packed in a bag and taken on the go (literally) and even their larger units are relatively lightweight and easy to wheel around.

Things We Don't

  • Warranty coverage.  You have to pay extra for warranty coverage on a Blackstone.
  • Not for custom outdoor kitchens.  While some Blackstone products can be used on a countertop, they aren't really designed for high end outdoor kitchen use.  They're made primarily to be used a standalone units on  your back patio.

Frequently Asked Questions - Blackstone

In this section we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Blackstone and their products.

Why Are Blackstone Griddles So Good?

Blackstone griddles are fantastic pieces to have - they are adjustable, there is lots of space to use, there is technology that makes them easier to control and of course you have the high quality material that the product is made from.

There is no one thing that makes griddles better or worse than any other brand, whether they are good or bad it will be up to you and your experiences to determine why they are on either side of the fence.

At the end of the day, Blackstone are popular because they deliver a quality cooking surface at a good price.

Are Blackstone Griddles Cast Iron?

Blackstone griddles are made from steel which is a mixture of carbon and iron which means that too much water can change the surface of your griddle from a nice and shiny surface to a dull and rusted surface. 

What Is The Best Model Of Blackstone Griddle?

This question is not easy to answer and there is no right or wrong as which model is best will change depending on the person and their needs.

In our opinion though, one of the best models is the twenty-eight-inch outdoor flat top gas griddle as it is one of the best well-rounded products which has some amazing reviews. 

Summing It Up

Overall, Blackstone griddles are an amazing brand and their products have an amazing track record which you can see in the reviews of their products.

If you want a griddle that comes from excellent lines and has a plethora of great reviews this is the ideal brand to go for. 

Le Griddle vs Blackstone - The Final Word

So, now that we know a lot more about each of these brands it is finally time to decide which one is the best on the market.

Blackstone for example, comes with a famous name and you can see this in one quick google search. We found that there was a plethora of reviews and information on this brand, so much more than Le Griddle. 

However, we find Le Griddle generally more appealing as a performance griddle. You just don't find their level of commercial quality offered in other products in a similar price range.

We have tried many griddles in our life and we have found that Le Griddle really is at the top of the list - but Blackstone is a great choice if you're looking for something more portable or more affordable.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking which of these titans is best. Our experience may be entirely different to yours and that is okay. 

If you have tried either of these brands we would love to hear what you think. What are the pros and cons that you experienced?

But, regardless of your stance, all that is important is that you have fun cooking outdoors on your griddle. So, have a fantastic day and we will see you later!

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