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TEC G-Sport Portable Infrared Grill Review

TEC G-Sport Portable Infrared Grill Review

The TEC-G Sport Grill has shot up in popularity amongst BBQ and outdoor cooking enthusiasts in recent years - but is it worth the price tag?

These grills use 100% infrared heat to cook food to perfection - and TEC Infrared Grills are the pioneer of infrared grilling technology.

Today, we’ll be reviewing the G Sport, which is uses TEC's flagship infrared grilling technology in a portable unit.

Overview Of The TEC G Sport

As mentioned previously, the beauty of these grills and the main draw to them is their infrared style of cooking which cooks more precisely and consistently than open air grills.

It also grants a number of other handy benefits including being able to provide scorching and focused heat without worry about fire spitting or flaring up.

This works because fundamentally, infrared cooking is different to the traditional method of heating up the air because it instead uses infrared burners to radiate actual infrared waves which will heat up whatever they come into contact with, which when used on food, allows the final product to be a little more soft while retaining a lot of its moisture.

Additionally, you won’t need to worry about this alternate cooking method diluting the food in any way as whatever you choose to cook will have it’s vitamins preserved with essentially no flavor loss, and with these types of grills often being much easier to clean up, it’s easy to see why the new and improved TEC G-Sport has grown in popularity since it first made its appearance on the market.

The TEC G-Sport Grill primarily stands out for this unique high end infrared cooking method, however there are a few other details that you should definitely know about when you’re considering picking this as a suitable option for your outdoor kitchen.

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There are two TEC G-Sport Grill models that are most widely sold and used by outdoor cooking enthusiasts being the regular portable 36 inch model, and the variant with a removable pedestal.

The grill itself is the same on both variants - the portable shell easily fits right in to the pedestal.

Cooking Power

If you were ever skeptical about whether infrared heating could deliver the same amount of power as traditional heating methods, this grill will put those worries at ease with its perfectly distributed steel burners rated at 22,000 BTUs.

While this may not seem as high as other grills, especially the higher end models, this is because the grill uses one over-sized fuel-efficient stainless steel burner which can still reach up to 850 degrees fahrenheit while using far less fuel, making the grill excellent in the long term.

Additionally, the cooking grid itself actually rests directly on top of a radiant glass panel which is layered on top of the stainless steel burner.

The glass helps to distribute the heat as evenly as possible which works especially well with infrared heating, to the point where you can guarantee every piece of food will be piping hot and cooked equally.

You also won’t need to wait around for the flames to get going as you would in most other traditional grills.

The infrared flames can be heated all the way up to 850 degrees in just 10 minutes while lower temperatures can take even less, meaning you won’t have to get the grill prepared in advance while giving this grill an excellent heating power which has the best heat distribution you can find currently on the market.

Size And Weight

The actual weight of the TEC G-Sport is one of it’s very best features since at just 80 pounds and with big and sturdy handles on the side, it makes this infrared grill extremely portable so you can not only use it in your own garden, but feel free to let your friends use it at their own BBQ too.

This really does make this grill easy to fit into any kitchen, especially in it’s tabletop configuration, however if you choose to buy the model with the pedestal stand than you will be sacrificing that portability for making the grill into a freestanding unit.

So it really depends on how much maneuverability you want that should encourage you to buy one or the other since this is the biggest difference between the two models.

In terms of space within the grill itself, for both models you get 309 square inches which is an excellent cooking surface to prepare around 18 hamburgers at once, perfect for when you have a few mouths to feed.

This medium sized surface works especially well with the TEC G-Sport Grills because they use infrared heat which is already great at dividing the warmth equally, so even with more space, you can be sure no food will be getting more attention than others so you won’t end up with any cold spots.

As if this space wasn’t enough, both grills also come with a very handy warming rack which adds an additional 115 square feet to the overall surface area while also giving you the option to cook food at lower temperatures, or to simply keep it warm when it’s prepared.

When it comes to weight and size, there really is very little to complain about with the TEC Sport-G especially since you get the option of having a small but powerful grill, or a freestanding option with a pedestal that is a bit more sturdy and fits perfectly as part of an indoor or outdoor kitchen.

Ease Of Use

The TEC-G Sport Grill is fairly easy to use with the knobs clearly laid out on the front, however in terms of actual heating you won’t be getting an outside thermometer to measure the heat for you and there are no interior lights or illuminated knobs, making it a bit harder to operate when it’s dark out.

With this being said, the grill does come with a fantastic self-cleaning cooking surface system where all you need to do is close the hood, turn the grill on high heat for 10 - 15 minutes and any food drippings and debris will be completely incinerated, making any manual clean-up essentially non-existent.

The stainless steel cooking grates also mean there is virtually no chance of flare-ups occurring since the glass that rests above them prevents airflow which can often ignite food drippings to cause nasty flare-ups which can be a nightmare to deal with for both beginners and seasoned cooking enthusiasts, allowing your mind to rest easy while you cook.

While there are therefore a few missed opportunities that could really make this grill perfect for beginners, it is still relatively easy to use with an amazing clean up system built in so you won’t even need to worry about making a mess.


Despite how amazing these grills sound, their price is admittedly fairly steep in terms of grills. The reason for this is because unlike many other infrared grills which are still in their infancy, making them far more complicated to use and with much smaller amounts of space.

Not to mention, we think TEC is at the top tier of grills in the luxury category.

The TEC G-Sport is already proving itself to be ahead of the curve and definitely one of the best infrared grills money can buy.

There is also the fact that this could very easily be the last grill you ever buy since its incredible heat distribution, good cooking power and rapid start up makes it so optimal for quick and thorough cooking that you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

If you do want to pick up the pedestal model then it will cost you a bit more, so it all comes down to whether you think you will need it as a way of cementing the grills place in the kitchen or garden, or if you would prefer it to be a little smaller and more compact.

When it comes to the price, while there are other cheaper infrared grills on the market, none of them reach the sheer efficiency and durability of the TEC G-Sport.

Final Thoughts

All in all while infrared grills are still finding their place in the market with many still having a long way to go before being efficient, the TEC G-Sport Grill is definitely ahead of the curve.

right now being able to supply an incredible heat which is evenly divided, along with great customization options depending on how portable you want the grill to be, offering incredible value for its price.

Looking for more information on TEC?  Head on over to our review of the TEC Grills brand next.

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