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Lynx vs Tec Grills - Side By Side Comparison

Lynx vs Tec Grills - Side By Side Comparison

No outdoor space is complete without a stunning grill that allows you to entertain and make memories with your friends and family.

However, you don’t want to put any old grill in your outdoor kitchen and dining space.

When thinking about your dream entertaining area you see high-quality, beautiful products that boast a range of features that enhance your experience and actively encourage you to make use of and spend time in the wonderful outdoors.

There are many brands and products on the market that all seem appealing on the surface, however, there are some luxury outdoor kitchen brands that stand out above the rest.

Two such brands are Lynx and TEC Infrared Grills. In this article, we will compare the two brands and take a closer look at the grills they offer.

Lynx vs TEC Grills - Quick Look

Lynx TEC
Grill Sizes 27-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch, 54-inch 26-inch, 36-inch, 44-inch
Burner Type Ceramic H Shape (25,000 BTUs), Trident Infrared (23,000 BTUs)
Stainless steel (30,000 BTUs)
Burner Type Ceramic, infrared, or combination Infrared
Temperature Range 300-900ºF
Included Features
Rotisserie kit, interior lights, LED lit knbos
Accessories come at extra cost
Rotisserie Included? Yes No
Made in USA?
Grill Lights? Lit knobs & dual interior halogen lights included Lit knobs and interior lights available at extra cost
Warranty Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Shop Lynx Shop TEC


High Level Comparison Of TEC and Lynx

While we'd consider Lynx and TEC to both fall under the luxury outdoor kitchen category with similarities, they do have some notable differences.

These two brands are the best of the best when it comes to infrared grilling.  TEC grills are pure infrared grills (and TEC actually invented the infrared grill).  Lynx allows you to choose between their infrared & ceramic burners, or both on most of their grills.  Lynx's infrared burner is without a doubt one of the best in the industry.

With that said, Lynx Grills offer a much more complete selection of outdoor kitchen products than TEC.  You can find just about any product you can dream of to build the perfect, integrated outdoor kitchen of your dreams with Lynx.  TEC's product line is a little smaller, especially on the built-in side.

The last main difference between the two is the general aesthetic of each brand.  Lynx Grills are modern looking and sleek - whereas TEC grills tend to have a more industrial sleek look.

About Lynx Grills

Founded in 1996, Lynx grills was born by a group of people who had been making stainless steel equipment to a commercial standard for restaurants all over the US.

They saw a gap in the market and combined with a passion for high-quality cookware, began to create beautifully crafted, luxury outdoor grills that have the durability to last year after year while maintaining a sleek, professional look.

Lynx products are marked by incredible craftsmanship evidenced by a unique welding technique that creates totally seamless edges with no gaps for heat to escape or moisture to seep in.

The signature gleam of the products helps to finish the professional, high-end look of the grills that make them so popular.

As outdoor cooking and outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity, the range of grills offered by Lynx has grown too.

Despite the growing range and popularity of the brand, they still pride themselves on providing products of the highest quality and with the latest technology.

About TEC Grills

TEC grills are another well-established outdoor cooking brand that has been producing high quality grills since their inception in 1980.

TEC products are made in America, and are built to last for years upon years.

What really differentiates TEC from the rest is that all of their grills are pure infrared cookers.  Infrared grills use infrared heat waves to directly heat your food (you can read more about the differences between traditional and infrared grills here).

Infrared heaters are incredibly precise - and TEC has been improving and innovating their infrared burners for decades to maintain their position at the top of the market for infrared grills.

A Closer Look At Popular TEC and Lynx Grills

TEC Sterling Patio 2FR 44-Inch Infrared Gas Grill On Stainless Steel Cabinet

TEC Sterling Patio 2FR 44-Inch Infrared Gas Grill On Stainless Steel Cabinet

The TEC Sterling Patio 2FR is the most popular freestanding TEC grill and is a great option for anyone who just wants a classic-style barbecue grill with a sleek and professional look.

If you don’t have the space for a full outdoor kitchen or don’t like the idea of permanent outdoor cooking space, this is a great product that allows you to create incredible food outside in your garden or on your patio.

Heat Distribution

As with all TEC grill products, the design of the cooking surface and the hood helps to create an even distribution of heat throughout the surface.

With many grills, there will be some areas that are hotter than others and some areas that are cooler. This makes it difficult to create a standard cooking effect across all of the food that you cook.

With the TEC grill, this problem is eliminated. Instead, you get to cover the entire cooking surface with food and know that it will all cook at the same temperature with the same effect.

Cooking Abilities

There are many infrared cooking devices on the market, however, people often steer clear of them because they cook at very high temperatures meaning that you are limited to searing and only cooking certain foods on them.

With the TEC grill, the range of temperatures is so great that you smoke, sear, and slow cook on this appliance.


This grill comes with plenty of features that help to enhance your cooking experience. One of the most user-friendly features of this grill is its self-cleaning ability.

Simply close the lid and turn the heat up high and the surface will clean itself, removing all bacteria.

There is also a warming rack that can be purchased separately which allows you to keep food warm while you are preparing other items.


TEC offers a wide variety of compatible accessories to add versatility to your cooking experience.  Whether it's a frying station, a smoker tray, or a griddle insert, TEC has you covered to enhance the functionality of your grill.

Lynx 36-Inch Built-In Professional Gas Grill with Rotisserie

Lynx 36-Inch Built-In Professional Gas Grill with Rotisserie

The 36-inch built-in professional gas grill with rotisserie is built to Lynx’s high standards and comes bursting with features and smart design that help to create an easy and extraordinary outdoor cooking experience.

It's also available in many other sizes - the 36-inch and 42-inch models are the most popular sizes.  However, Lynx built-in grills are also available in 27-inch, 30-inch, and 54-inch sizes.


There are a plethora of clever features that are built into the design of this product to ensure that you get to enjoy the best cooking experience possible.

The grill is designed to be used in all types of adverse weather conditions and has a built-in wind deflecting wing that helps to prevent wind from disrupting the heat and a hood that features world-class heat retention and keeps your food hot during and after cooking.

As mentioned, most Lynx grills allow you to choose between infrared burners, ceramic burners, or a combination thereof.

The type of ceramics used in Lynx grills are often used in kilns and commercial ovens because of the high temperatures that it can endure.

This is a great option for the Lynx grill because it is capable of generating heat up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lynx's patented infrared burners also offer incredibly precise cooking, with a temperature range of 300-1,000ºF possible with the simple turn of a knob.


As with all modern grilling appliances, there are plenty of features that are included to help enhance your grilling experience.

The main feature of this grill is the rotisserie attachment that allows you to create beautifully cooked, juicy, tender meats that are rich in flavor.

The rotisserie features a smooth rotation handle so that the meat can turn evenly and smoothly throughout cooking.

There is also a premium smoker box included with the grill that allows you to create incredibly flavorful meals and experiment with different smoky flavors.

Each Lynx grill also comes standard with LED lit burner knobs and interior halogen lights included.

Finally, the 36-inch Lynx grill boasts 935 square inches of cooking space that allows you to cater to large groups of people with ease - which is a much larger cooking surface area for this size of grill compared to most on the market.

TEC G-Sport 36-Inch Portable Table Top Infrared Gas Grill

TEC G-Sport 36-Inch Portable Table Top Infrared Gas Grill

Out of all of the grills that TEC offer, the G-sport 36-inch portable tabletop infrared gas grill is the most versatile.

Despite the fact that this is a portable grill rather than an integrated one, it is still a full-sized grill that offers a generous cooking surface.

This model is even certified for use on combustible surfaces such as wood or grass, meaning that you can use it absolutely anywhere without having to worry about affecting the area around you.

There are two ways of positioning this grill, it can be placed on an outdoor cooking surface such as a countertop, or it can be used as a freestanding grill on an attachable pedestal which is a great option if you have a smaller outdoor space with no room for counters.

Heat Source

Thanks to TEC’s patented design, the entire cooking surface heats up evenly, with a glass panel to help eliminate any cold spots or spots that get too hot.

This means that you can cook on the entire surface of the grill simultaneously without having some items burned and some still cold, which is every barbecuer's dream.

Despite the fact that this grill uses infrared which is often limited to high-temperature cooking and searing, the range of heat stretches from 200 to 900 degrees which means that you are able to cook low and slow in addition to scorching sears.

Lynx 42-Inch Freestanding Professional Gas Grill with Rotisserie

All of Lynx's professional grill sizes are available in freestanding configuration in addition to their built-in counterparts.

Each freestanding grill comes on a premium, portable cart that has two large storage drawers and one large access door.

Additionally, two side shelves come for extra prep and serving space.  One of the side shelves can also be replaced with a side burner attachment for even more cooking capacity.

Just like the built-ins from Lynx, these freestanding grills come with a rotisserie kit included along with LED lit burner knobs and interior grill lights.

TEC Patio 1FR 26-Inch Built-In Infrared Gas Grill

TEC Patio 1FR 26-Inch Built-In Infrared Gas Grill

If you are tight on space but still want the benefits of an integrated built-in grill, the TEC Patio 1FR 26-inch built-in is a great option.

Unlike the G-sport, this grill needs to be installed into a cabinet and is not portable, but it is great at creating a professional and sleek outdoor cooking experience.

The infrared grilling system in this product is designed to preserve up to 35% more of the natural essence of your food, which means the flavor, combined with the seasonings you use, is deep and rich and will have your friends and family wanting more.

The best thing about this grill, however, is that you get a lot of grilling space and features for your money.

As with all TEC products, this grill is available with either propane or natural gas as fuel type.


One of the best features of TEC infrared grills is the fact that their cooking surfaces can be used as a regular stove top would be.

So if you want to boil some vegetables or even cook some beans or scrambled eggs for a barbeque breakfast you can do it in a pan on the grill.

Final Thoughts

Both TEC and Lynx have a great range of high-quality, beautiful, and high-tech grills that are guaranteed to bring added value to your outdoor dining experience.

If you have been looking for the finishing touch to your outdoor entertainment space, you can’t go wrong with any of these products.

Questions about Lynx or TEC products?  Reach out to our experts and we would be glad to help!

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